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Master Exhibit Listing for Version 5.0 (pdf) 

Master audio and video file listing

A companion CD/ROM is available as an electronic supplement to Locks, Safes, and Security.  The electronic Infobase edition contains updated materials for many locks that are featured in the book. In addition, enhanced graphics, audio, video, and full-text patents are included. LSS+ Version 2008 is the latest release and contains a great deal of updated material from Version 5.0. You may view the additions to the latest version in the on-line tour.

More than 5000 new images have been added, as well as new text in many chapters. Extensive materials on forensic investigations, forced entry, and bypass of high security locks have been included. Up to sixty hours of audio and video, featuring some of the most recognized experts in the world, have been integrated into the text throughout the Infobase, depending upon security level. In addition, a total of four books are contained within this fourteen volume work. The advanced search engine allows the instant location and retrieval of information. The LOCKSMITH VERSION contains nine volumes and costs $350.00; the GOVERNMENT VERSION contains up to eighteen volumes, and costs $600.00. Three volumes regarding the bypass of alarm systems have also been incorporated within the government version. 

The LSS+ collection contains eight disks (LOCKSMITH VERSION and DAME) or  eighteen  (GOVERNMENT VERSION)  disks, and constitutes a 10GB Infobase.  A two volume DAME supplement is also available. In 2008, the High Security Supplement was released on July 15. It is the book entitled "The Compromise of Medeco High Security Locks: New Techniques of Forced, Covert, and Surreptitious Entry. There is a Government and Locksmith version of the disk. The price for Government is $200.00; the price for the Locksmith edition is $100.00. You must have a registered copy of LSS+ to view the contents of the Medeco book.

There are three security levels, depending upon access rights. Each level provides extensive multimedia presentations regarding locks, forensics, safes, and bypass. In order to purchase the Locksmith or Government version, you will be required to provide proof of employment or identity.  Certain restricted materials will only be available to government agencies. Release policy for each level is defined in the on-line tour. 

Once you purchase the LSS+ collection, you will be required to register your copy on this site. You must then send a challenge key, generated by the program, in order to receive an unlock code so that the Infobase can be opened on your computer. Directions for generating a challenge key are provided with each set of LSS+.

Title page for LSS+ showing the different controls available within the search engine, and a partial listing of contents and help menu items.